Clean Lab

Ansicht des Reinstraumlabors

Our clean Laboratories are a full-functional analytical center for radiogenic isotope analysis. The Institute provides two state of the art Clean-Labs comprising six laminar flow-hoods, clean-air working spaces, Milli-Q water purification, acid distillation systems, centrifuges, a freezer for preparation and storage as well as a sample transfer point to the adjacent weighing room. Our laboratories are air conditioned and supplied with HEPA filtered air. The labs were created in 1995 but were completely rebuild in 2011 to ensure the lowest possible contaminations and to conduct state of the art chemical treatment of a wide range of geological materials. Both laboratories are primarily dedicated to the application of ion exchange techniques for isotope composition and isotope dilution measurements. Hitherto established methods involve the 147Sm-143Nd and 87Rb-87Sr decay systems for geochronological purposes, as well as the 187Re-187Os decay system and PGE analysis, which is dominantly used for cosmochemical applications and impact science. Further methods that are or will be currently established are the 176Lu-176Hf chronometer as well as the short-lived 182Hf-182W system.