Peer-reviewed Publications of the Department

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Hohl, S. V., Rodler, A., Viehmann, S., Huang, X., Xu, J., Gaucher, C., Germs, G. J. B., Hegenberger, W., Goderis, S., Wei, H., & Frei, R. (2022). C, Sr, Nd isotope chemostratigraphy and zircon provenance of the Witvlei Group (Namibia): Neoproterozoic glaciations and seawater evolution. Precambrian Research, 372(106600), [106600].

Kaskes, P., de Graaff, S. J., Feignon, J-G., Déhais, T., Goderis, S., Ferrière, L., Koeberl, C., Smit, J., Wittmann, A., Gulick, S. P. S., Debaille, V., Matielli, N., & Claeys, P. (2022). Formation of the crater suevite sequence from the Chicxulub peak ring: a petrographic, geochemical, and sedimentological characterization. Geological Society of America. Bulletin, 134(3-4), 895-927.

de Graaff, S. J., Kaskes, P., Déhais, T., Goderis, S., Debaille, V., Ross, C. H., Gulick, S. P. S., Feignon, J-G., Ferrière, L., Koeberl, C., Smit, J., Matielli, N., & Claeys, P. (2022). New Insights into the Formation and Emplacement of Impact Melt Rocks within the Chicxulub Impact Structure, following the 2016 IODP-ICDP Expedition 364. Geological Society of America. Bulletin, 134(1-2), 293–315.


Tulić, S., Waitz, T., Čaplovičová, M., Habler, G., Vretenár, V., Susi, T., & Skákalová, V. (2021). Catalytic graphitization of single-crystal diamond. Carbon, 185, 300-313.

Pertsev, A. N., Aranovich, L. Y., Prokofiev, V. Y., Solovova, I. P., Ageeva, O. A., Borisovskiy, S. E., Shatagin, K. N., & Zhilicheva, O. M. (2021). Potassium-rich granite melt inclusions in zircon from gabbro-hosted felsic stringers, Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 13 degrees 34 ' N: E-MORB connection. Lithos, 400-401, [106300].

Showing entries 1 - 20 out of 738