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Zanetti, A., Bonadiman, C., Gregoire, M., Ntaflos, T., & Woodland, A. B. (2021). Lithos special issue: Advances in the comprehension of mantle paradigms. Lithos, 404-405, [106464].

Mazurek, H., Ciazela, J., Matusiak-Malek, M., Pieterek, B., Puziewicz, J., Lazarov, M., Horn, I., & Ntaflos, T. (2021). Metal enrichment as a result of SCLM metasomatism? Insight from ultramafic xenoliths from SW Poland.

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Distribution of CO2 in the lithospheric mantle beneath northern Victoria Land (Antarctica): insights from petrology, fluid inclusions chemistry and X-Ray μCT in mantle xenoliths

Federico Casetta (Vortragende*r), Andrea Luca Rizzo (Autor*in), Barbara Faccini (Autor*in), Theodoros Ntaflos (Autor*in), Gabriele Lanzafame (Autor*in), Luca Faccincani (Autor*in), Lucia Mancini (Autor*in), Pier Paolo Giacomoni (Autor*in) & Massimo Coltorti (Autor*in)

19 Sep. 202121 Sep. 2021

Aktivität: VorträgeVortragScience to Science

of the Lithospheric Earth Mantle underneath the back arc along North and Far East Russia.

Theodoros Ntaflos (Invited speaker)

8 Sep. 2014

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Ntaflos, T.


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Vulkanismus nahe N.Amer.-Eur.

Ntaflos, T.


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