Mag. Peter Nagl
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Talla, D, Nagl, P, Merta, O, Barák, M & Skoda, R 2019, 'Ancient iron smelting revisited by modern techniques: What makes an iron ore work?', Biennial Meeting of the Austrian Mineralogical Society, Graz, Österreich, 4/09/19 - 7/09/19.

Duboc, O, Robbe, A, Santner, J, Folegnani, G, Gallais, P, Lecanuet, C, Zehetner, F, Nagl, P & Wenzel, WW 2019, 'Silicon availability from chemically diverse fertilizers and secondary raw materials', Environmental Science and Technology, Jg. 53, Nr. 9, S. 5359–5368.

Nagl, P & Mader, D 2019, 'XRF and INAA for the geochemical analysis of rocks, presented on inhouse control samples', 27th Seminar on Activation Analysis and Gamma Spectrometry, München, Deutschland, 24/02/19 - 27/03/19.

Department für Lithosphärenforschung


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