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Rieder, M. (Autor*in), Wegner, W. (Autor*in), Horschinegg, M. (Autor*in), Klackl, S. (Redakteur*in), Preto, N. (Redakteur*in), Breda, A. (Redakteur*in), Gier, S. (Autor*in), Klötzli, U. (Autor*in), Bernasconi, S. M. (Autor*in), Arp, G. (Autor*in), & Meister, P. (Korresp. Autor*in). (2019). Strontium, carbon, and oxygen isotopes in Triassic dolomites - Travenanzes Formation (Italy).. Software oder Datenbank,

Haloda, J., Tycova, P., Korotev, R., Fernandes, V. A., Burgess, R., Thöni, M., Horschinegg, M., Jakesch, P., Gabzdyl, P., & Kosler, J. (2009). Petrology, Geochemistry, and age of low-Ti mare-basalt meteorite Northeast Africa 003-A: A possible member of the Apollo 15 mare basaltic suite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 73, 3450-3470.

Teschler-Nicola, M., Horschinegg, M., & Kloetzli, U. (2006). Non Destructive Determination of 87Sr/86Sr Isotope Ratios in Early Upper Paleolithic Human Teeth from the Mladec Caves - Preliminary Results. in M. Teschler-Nicola (Hrsg.), Early Modern Humans at the Moravian Gate. The Mladec Caves and their Remains (S. 505-514). Springer.

Kloetzli, U., & Horschinegg, M. (2000). Assessment of the external reproducibility of single zircon evaporation dating based on standard zircon 91500 analyses. in J. Carignan (Hrsg.), Conference Proceedings of Geoanalysis 2000: 4th International Conference on the Analysis of Geological and Environmental Materials (S. 56)

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