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Habler, G & Griffiths, T 2017, Crystallographic orientation relationships. in Mineral reaction kinetics: microstructures, textures, chemical and isotopic signatures. European Mineralogical Union and the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain & Ireland, S. 541-585.

Li, C, Griffiths, T, Pennycook, T, Mangler, C, Götze, LC, Jerabek, P, Meyer, JC, Habler, G & Abart, R 2016, 'INTERFACE MIGRATION MECHANISM ON CORUNDUM/SPINEL/PERICLASE: ATOMIC STUDY VIA SCANNING TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPY' Beitrag in, Rimini, Italien, 11/09/16 - 15/09/16, .

Griffiths, T, Habler, G, Abart, R, Rhede, D & Wirth, R 2014, 'Mechanisms of submicron inclusion re-equilibration during host mineral deformation' European Geosciences Union (EGU), General Assembly 2014, Vienna, Österreich, 27/04/14 - 2/05/14, .

Griffiths, T, Habler, G, Abart, R, Rhede, D & Wirth, R 2014, 'Enhanced diffusion rates adjacent to healed cracks – effect on re-equilibration of submicron inclusions in host garnet' 92nd Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft, DMG, Jena, Deutschland, 21/09/14 - 24/09/14, .

Understanding the growth mechanism of solid-state reaction in oxides from the atomic interface structures

Chen Li (VortragendeR), Gerlinde Habler (AutorIn), Thomas Griffiths (AutorIn), Petr Jerabek (AutorIn), L.C. Götze (AutorIn), Timothy Pennycook (AutorIn), Clemens Mangler (AutorIn), Jannik C. Meyer (AutorIn), Rainer Abart (AutorIn)
21 Aug 201725 Aug 2017

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Using EBSD to study host-inclusion crystallographic orientation relationships

Thomas Griffiths (VortragendeR)
22 Jun 2015

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