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Montanari, A., Farley, K., Claeys, P., De Vleeschouwer, D., de Winter, N., Vansteenberge, S., Sinnesael, M., & Koeberl, C. (2017). Stratigraphic record of the asteroidal Veritas breakup in the Tortonian Monte dei Corvi section (Ancona, Italy). Geological Society of America. Bulletin, 129(9-10), 1357-1376.


Batenburg, S. J., De Vleeschouwer, D., Sprovieri, M., Hilgen, F. J., Gale, A. S., Singer, B. S., Koeberl, C., Coccioni, R., Claeys, P., & Montanari, A. (2016). Orbital control on the timing of oceanic anoxia in the Late Cretaceous. Climate of the Past, 12(10), 1995-2009.

Bayer, B. C., Bosworth, D. A., Michaelis, F. B., Blume, R., Habler, G., Abart, R., Weatherup, R. S., Kidambi, P. R., Baumberg, J. J., Knop-Gericke, A., Schloegl, R., Baehtz, C., Barber, Z. H., Meyer, J. C., & Hofmann, S. (2016). In Situ Observations of Phase Transitions in Metastable Nickel (Carbide)/Carbon Nanocomposites. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Part C (Nanomaterials and Interfaces), 120(39), 22571-22584.

Bentley, M. S., Schmied, R., Mannel, T., Torkar, K., Jeszenszky, H., Romstedt, J., Levasseur-Regourd, A-C., Weber, I., Jessberger, E. K., Ehrenfreund, P., Koeberl, C., & Havnes, O. (2016). Aggregate dust particles at comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Nature, 537(7618), 73-75.

Wennrich, V., Andreev, A. A., Tarasov, P. E., Fedorov, G., Zhao, W., Gebhardt, C. A., Meyer-Jacob, C., Snyder, J. A., Nowaczyk, N. R., Schwamborn, G., Chapligin, B., Anderson, P. M., Lozhkin, A. V., Minyuk, P. S., Koeberl, C., & Melles, M. (2016). Impact processes, permafrost dynamics, and climate and environmental variability in the terrestrial Arctic as inferred from the unique 3.6 Myr record of Lake El'gygytgyn, Far East Russia - A review. Quaternary Science Reviews, 147, 221-244.

Poplawsky, J. D., Li, C., Paudel, N. R., Guo, W., Yan, Y., & Pennycook, S. J. (2016). APT mass spectrometry and SEM data for CdTe solar cells. Data in Brief, 7, 779-785.

Showing entries 160 - 180 out of 639