Peer-reviewed Publications of the Department

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Koeberl, C., Montanari, A., Schulz, T., Tusch, J., Mougel, F., & Moynier, F. (2019). Late Eocene impact ejecta in Italy: Attempts to constrain the impactor composition from isotopic analyses of spinel-rich samples. In 250 Million Years of Earth History in Central Italy: Celebrating 25 Years of the Geological Observatory of Coldigioco (Vol. 542). Geological Society of America. Special Papers

He, L., Wang, H., Chen, L., Wang, X., Xie, H., Jiang, C., Li, C., Elibol, K., Meyer, J., Watanabe, K., Taniguchi, T., Wu, Z., Wang, W., Ni, Z., Miao, X., Zhang, C., Zhang, D., Wang, H., & Xie, X. (2019). Isolating hydrogen in hexagonal boron nitride bubbles by a plasma treatment. Nature Communications, 10, [2815].

Duboc, O., Robbe, A., Santner, J., Folegnani, G., Gallais, P., Lecanuet, C., Zehetner, F., Nagl, P., & Wenzel, W. W. (2019). Silicon availability from chemically diverse fertilizers and secondary raw materials. Environmental Science & Technology, 53(9), 5359–5368.

Showing entries 80 - 100 out of 681