Peer-reviewed Publications of the Department

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Zhao, J., Xiao, L., Gulick, S. P. S., Morgan, J. V., Kring, D., Urrutia Fucugauchi, J., Schmieder, M., de Graaff, S. J., Wittmann, A., Ross, C. H., Claeys, P., Pickersgill, A., Kaskes, P., Goderis, S., Rasmussen, C., Vajda, V., Ferrière, L., Feignon, J-G., Chenot, E., ... Expedition 364 Scientists, IODP-ICDP. (2020). Geochemistry, geochronology and petrogenesis of Maya Block granitoids and dykes from the Chicxulub Impact Crater, Gulf of México: Implications for the assembly of Pangea. Gondwana Research, 82, 128-150.

Jackson, M. G., Blichert-Toft, J., Halldórsson, S. A., Mundl-Petermeier, A., Bizimis, M., Kurz, M. D., Price, A. A., Harðardóttir, S., Willhite, L. N., Breddam, K., Becker, T. W., & Fischer, R. A. (2020). Ancient helium and tungsten isotopic signatures preserved in mantle domains least modified by crustal recycling. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS).

Mundl-Petermeier, A. (2020). Core Mantle Interaction. In Encyclopedia of Geology 2nd Edition Elsevier.

Harangi, S., Molnár, K., Schmitt, A. K., Dunkl, I., Seghedi, I., Novothny, Á., Molnár, M., Kiss, B., Ntaflos, T., Mason, P. R. D., & Lukács, R. (2020). Fingerprinting the Late Pleistocene tephras of Ciomadul volcano, eastern–central Europe. Journal of Quaternary Science, 35(1-2), [232-244].


McKibbin, S. J., Pittarello, L., Makarona, C., Hamann, C., Hecht, L., Chernonozhkin, S. M., Goderis, S., & Claeys, P. (2019). Petrogenesis of main group pallasite meteorites based on relationships among texture, mineralogy, and geochemistry. Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 54(11), 2814-2844.

Kusiak, M. A., Kovaleva, E., Wirth, R., Klötzli, U., Dunkley, D. J., Yi, K., & Lee, S. (2019). Lead oxide nanospheres in seismically deformed zircon grains. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 262, 20-30.

Showing entries 20 - 40 out of 647