Dipl.-Min. Dr. Toni Schulz
Toni Schulz
Dobson, M. J., Schulz, T., Koeberl, C., Campbell, K. A., Rowe, M. L., Van Kranendonk, M., Stopic, A., Havig, J., Teece, B. L., Guido, D., Westall, F., Foucher, F., Hamilton, T., Hamilton, A., Gerber, F., & Lang, J. (2023). Earth's oldest preserved extraterrestrial impact deposit? Evidence for a large impactor 3.48 million-years-ago (Dresser Formation, Pilbara Craton, Australia). 54th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, The Woodlands, United States.

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Wernitznig, S., Schulz, T., Montanari, A., & Koeberl, C. (2023). Possible Ejecta from the Boltysh Impact Event (Ukraine) in Italy. In Geological Society of America Abstracts (Vol. 55). Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs https://doi.org/10.1130/abs/2023AM-393064

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Feignon, J-G., Schulz, T., Ferrière, L., Goderis, S., de Graaff, S. J., Kaskes, P., Dehais, T., Claeys, P., & Koeberl, C. (2021). Do the impact melt rocks within the Chicxulub impact structure peak ring (Yucatán peninsula, Mexico) preserve an impactor signature? In Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs (Vol. 53) https://doi.org/10.1130/abs/2021AM-367071

Examining the (Potential) Presence of a Preserved Impactor Signature in the Impact Melt Rocks of the Chicxulub Impact Structure Peak Ring

Christian Koeberl (Speaker), Jean-Guillaume Feignon (Contributor), Toni Schulz (Contributor), Ludovic Ferrière (Contributor), S. Goderis (Contributor), S.J. de Graaff (Contributor), P. Kaskes (Contributor), T. Dehais (Contributor), Priscilla Claeys (Contributor) & Christian Koeberl (Contributor)

17 Aug 2021

Activity: Talks and presentationsTalk or oral contributionScience to Science

Spatial distribution of meteoritic carrier phases in Paleoarchean spherule layers from South Africa

Christian Koeberl (Speaker), Toni Schulz (Contributor) & Olivier Heldwein (Contributor)


Activity: Talks and presentationsTalk or oral contributionScience to Science

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