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Mabrouk SAMI, MSc

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Research Interests:
Mabrouk Sami has got a PhD scholarship from the Egyptian government. The PhD project focus mainly on the geochemistry, geochronology and metallogeny of the mineralized rare metal granitoids from the Central Eastern Desert of Egypt. His Master thesis dealt with the geochemical exploration for economic rare metals in granitic rocks and stream sediments. 
Sami, M., Ntaflos, T., Mohamed, H. A., Farahat, E. S., & Ahmed, A. F. (2016). Mineralogy and geochemistry of the Late Neoproterozoic rare metal granitoids of Gabal El-Ineigi pluton, Northern Arabian-Nubian Shield, Egypt. EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts Vol. 18, p. 3075.

Sami, M., Ntaflos, T., Farahat, E. S., Ahmed, A. F., & Mohamed, H. A. (2015). Mineral chemistry and geochemistry of the Late Neoproterozoic Gabal Abu Diab granitoids, Central Eastern Dessert, Egypt: Implications for the origin of rare metal post-orogenic A-type granites. EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts Vol. 17, p. 5393.

Farahat, E. S., Zaki, R., Hauzenberger, C., & Sami, M. (2011). Neoproterozoic calc‐alkaline peraluminous granitoids of the Deleihimmi pluton, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt: implications for transition from late‐to post‐collisional tectonomagmatic evolution in the northern Arabian–Nubian Shield. Geological Journal, 46(6), 544-560.‏

Zaki, R., Hassaan, M. M., & Sami, M. (2011).Geochemical Exploration For Ore-Metals, El Sherm El-Qibli- Khor Abu Mureiwa, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt: Bed Rock and Stream Sediments‏‏.Egyptian Journal of Geology, 55.

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