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Doctoral School at the University of Vienna, Austria:
Planetology: From Asteroids to Impact Craters
(NEO asteroids and Impact Crater Studies)

From the beginning of March 2010, a doctoral school in the planetary sciences has been established at the University of Vienna in Austria. The school, for students in the geosciences and planetary astronomy, deals with the danger and effects of impact events from two different angles: (1) the orbital evolution of asteroids that are, or could be, on potentially Earth-crossing orbits will be investigated with the newest techniques in celestial mechanics; (2) geological and mineralogical investigations on impact craters and ejecta deposits will be used to study impact craters and constrain the physical parameters associated with the formation of these craters. This interdisciplinary programme is of interest for earth and planetary scientists, astronomers, physicists, space researchers and others.

From the five PhD students from this doctoral school three positions are dedicated to earth sciences (with Profs. Koeberl, Libowitzky and Ntaflos) and two in astronomy (Prof. Dvorak).

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