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Urs KLÖTZLI, Ao. Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr.

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Research Interests:

  • Development and improvement of micro-analytical techniques for isotope analysis in geological materials with a special emphasis on high-precision Laser-Ablation MC-ICP-MS dating techniques.
  • Radiometric dating and the derivation of the duration of geological events and processes with a main focus on the orogenic and anorogenic formation and evolution of continental crust.
  • Petrochronology: Linking radiometric age information with metamorphic processes and the interplay of magmatic and metamorphic processes, theory and applications.

Current Projects:

  • Development of U/Th/Pb in-situ dating techniques for xenotime.
  • Geochronological and isotope geochemical aspects of the interaction of mantle and lower crustal processes in the Ivrea-Verbano Zone, Southern Alps, Italy.
  • U/Pb accessory mineral geochronology of the Permian and Triassic magmatism in the central-eastern Southern Alps, Italy.
  • Geochronology and isotope geochemistry of pre-Variscan plutonism in the Austroalpine Ötztal-Stubai complex, Eastern Alps, Austria.
  • Modelling of isotope fractionation effects in geomaterials.
  • Other running projects (mainly geochronologically oriented) are located in: Thailand, Western Carpathians, Cameroon, Turkey, ...


Burda, J., Klötzli, U.S. (2012): Pre-Variscan evolution of the Western Tatra Mts.:  new insights  from U-Pb zircon dating. Mineralogy and Petrology, DOI 10.1007/s00710-011-0176-4.

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Professional affiliations:

  • Member of the Swiss Society of Mineralogy and Petrology
  • Member of the Geological Society of America
  • Member of the American Geophysical Union
  • Member of the European Asscociation for Geochemistry

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  • Reviewer for Chemical Geology
  • Reviewer for Journal of Petrology
  • Reviewer for International Journal of Earth Sciences
  • Reviewer for Lithos
  • Reviewer for Mineralogy and Petrology
  • Reviewer for the Swiss Journal of Geosciences
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