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A statistical dynamical study of meteorite impactors: a case study based on parameters derived from the Bosumtwi impact event

Autoren:Galiazzo, MattiaBazso, AkosDvorak, RudolfKöberl, Christian
Abstrakt:The study of meteorite craters on Earth provides information about the dynamicevolution of bodies within the Solar System. Bosumtwi crater is a well studied,10.5 km in diameter, ca. 1.07 Ma old impact structure located in Ghana. Theimpactor was ~1 km in diameter, an ordinary chondrite and struck the Earthwith an angle between 30° and 45° from the horizontal. We have used a twophase backward integration to constrain the most probable parent region of theimpactor. We find that the most likely source region is a high inclination objectfrom the Middle Main Belt.
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Journal Titel:Astronomische Nachrichten
Digital Object Identifier (DOI):https://doi.org/10.1002/asna.201211964
Publikations Typ:Artikel
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