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Laboratory for Electron Probe Micro Analysis (EPMA)


CAMECA SX Five Electron Microprobe
room UZA 2B383

The electron microprobe is equipped with a field-emission electron gun and five spectrometers for the wavelength dispersive elemental analysis (WDX) on polished surfaces of solid materials. In addition, the instrument features a system for the energy dispersive elemental analysis (EDX) for quick semi-quantitative elemental analysis.


The instrument is tuned to primarily serve the research activities within the Earth Science departments of the Faculty of Geosciences, Geography and Astronomy (FGGA) and is also integrated in our research-guided teaching. A hands-on course for users is offered once a year. For external users lab access is provided through cooperations with researchers of the Earth Science departments of the FGGA.

Management of the EPMA lab including organization of lab access for interested parties, user support, and maintenance is done by:

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Rainer ABART      
phone:  ++43-1-4277-53319
email:   rainer.abart@univie.ac.at

Ao. Univ-Prof. Dr. Theodoros NTAFLOS      
phone:  ++43-1-4277-53314
email:   theodoros-ntaflos@univie.ac.at

Dr. Elena PETRISHCHEVA      
phone:  ++43-1-4277-53445
email:   elena.petrishcheva@univie.ac.at

Hr. Franz KIRALY       
phone:  ++43-1-4277-53140
email:   franz.kiraly@univie.ac.at


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