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Whole-rock major and trace element analysis

X-Ray Fluorescence

We run a Philips PW2400 spectrometer for major and selected trace element analysis.
(contact: theodoros.ntaflos@univie.ac.at)

In-situ analytical techniques

Electron Microprobe
We run a Cameca SXFive instrument equipped with 5 WDS spectrometers and an EDX system for high quality of mineral and alloy quantitative chemical analyses.

SEM and SEM-FIB system
In our laboratory for Scanning Electron Microscopy and Focused Ion Beam we run a FEI QuantaTM 3D FEG, a Field-Emission-Gun Scanning Electron Microscope with integrated Focused Ion Beam (FEG-SEM FIB). This instrument allows for scanning electron microscopy at highest spatial resolution and also offers Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) options. The QuantaTM 3D FEG is also equipped with an EDX system for semi-quantitative micro-chemical analysis and an EBSD system for crystal orientation imaging. Furthermore, the focused ion beam is used for micro machining at micrometer scale. Through this the third dimension is made accessible for electron microscopy.

High Temperature Laboratory
We install a lab for high-Temperature mineral synthesis and experimentation.

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