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Laboratories and Facilities

The study of geochemistry at the Department of Lithospheric Research is diverse in both research and teaching. With state of the art clean lab facilities we apply geochemistry to study a wide diversity of Earth Science topics that include geochronology, cosmochemistry and impact science.

The Department of Lithospheric Research encompasses a set of five different laboratories which are dedicated to geochronological and cosmochronological applications:

  • There are two Grade A Clean-Laboratories (each ~25m2) equipped with laminar flow hoods
  • one weighing room (~12m2),
  • one laboratory for high pressure sample dissolution and rock preparation (~12m2) as well as
  • a mass spectrometry lab (~40m2) containing two thermal ionization mass spectrometers (Finnigan MAT262 and ThermoFinnigan Triton TI).

All lab facilities are assigned to produce the highest quality elemental and isotopic data, to teach students and visitors and to develop and establish new mass spectrometric applications.

In addition we have all the equipment for whole rock and mineral preparation and separation.

Department of Lithospheric Research
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